Sourcing fruits and vegetables sustainably
At A.G. Axton & Sons (Wholesale Limited), we believe in operating efficiently to minimise the amount of resource we require to collect, process and distribute our product. As an established wholesaler of fresh fruit and vegetables in the South, we have built relationships with numerous local growers and suppliers of Fresh fruit & vegetables, and work with and advise on the latest innovations in the fresh produce industry. We take our role in these communities we operate in seriously and believe we have an obligation to do all we can to minimise our environmental impact. All Producers / Suppliers are members of the Assured Produce Scheme in the UK as well some are Red Tractor / Soil Association or Eurogap members on the continent. Please find attached Documents associated with this.

Journey times and distances are kept to a minimum by careful route planning and the vehicle fleet is constantly tracked by satellite navigation to minimise fuel costs. Where possible we reduce our food miles by back hauling produce on our transport when passing through various growers in our distribution area of Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Surrey and Wiltshire.

We operate reusable and collapsible tray policy for the majority of our produce and distribution network and also require our nominated suppliers to use. When growers are cutting/picking certain items of produce they can be cut in to large palletised containers greatly reducing packaging and labour for the grower.

A.G. Axton & Sons (Wholesale Limited) has been actively reducing waste levels by using all recyclable packaging that can be reused or recycled. These containers are re-used for orders or recycled by baling. The recycled cardboard and plastic is then transferred to nominated waste contractor, in conjunction with a Waste Service Compliance Company the general waste stream is vastly reduced. We where having a collection from our land fill contractor on a twice weekly schedule. This has reduced our impact buy 75%.

We fully comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations and are a member of an approved recycling scheme (Valpak membership No. R M 03359). Waste minimisation is promoted by composting the vegetable waste from our preparation area and the use of returnable containers for delivering produce. All recoverable cardboard and plastic is baled and sold to a recycling company. We offer a collection service for re-usable cardboard crates and larger customers return flattened cardboard for baling.

Red Tractor
As one of the UK’s leading food assurance marks, the integrity of the Red Tractor Standards are very important, and have been developed and refined over the years through consultations with experts from the food supply chain, respected scientists, prominent academics and experienced professionals from the fields of veterinary science, farming, food processing and retailing, animal welfare, food safety and environmental protection. A.G. Axton & Sons (Wholesale Limited) provides products to our customers that meet these criteria.

Further information
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