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Why buy seasonal?
All fruit and vegetables have a season, a time when they are abundant, when they taste best and are most nutritious. Knowledge about food seasons was once essential to our survival but today we have lost our connection with nature's seasonal cycles. Regardless of advances in technology, eating food that is in season is better for us, and choosing local seasonal food helps us lower our carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of food that we eat that has travelled a long way to reach us.

Greater Nutrition
If you are looking for the greatest taste and nutritional benefit it is unlikely that you’ll find the answer on your supermarket shelves. Food grown locally – which is able to reach you within hours of being picked – will give you the most nutritional value. The reason for this is that from the moment fruit and vegetables are harvested they begin to lose nutrients. This doesn’t bode well for food that is flown or shipped from abroad, which not only takes longer to reach our stores, but also undergoes extra handling, packaging and storage all of which can degrade its quality.

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